Thursday, March 22, 2012

Save Jesus Only

One of the biggest components to healing, in any form is Jesus Christ. It is by Him and through Him ONLY that we are able to be redeemed and healed of our infirmities.

Our lesson in Sunday School sparked quite a bit of conversation of what it means to "feast on the words of Christ" and I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings concerning this and how it pertains to our healing.

The lesson begins  with Nephi teaching us about baptism, that Christ was baptized and why, and then receiving the Holy Ghost. We are told that when we receive the Holy Ghost and our baptism by fire, we can then speak the tongue of Angels.

2 Nephi 32:1-3 restates and sums up chapter 31 by saying; when you are baptized, you receive the Holy Ghost. When you receive the Holy Ghost you can speak with the tongue of Angels. Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost and Angels speak the words of Christ. We are then directed to feast on the words of Christ.

Well then, what are the words of Christ? The standard answer and what we are taught consistently is scripture. That is correct because scripture is given by the power of the Holy Ghost, I believe and feel that it goes beyond that as well. God does not want us limiting ourselves, for He is limitless and wants us to be as He is.

When we speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, we speak the words of Christ - that is what it means to speak the tongue of Angels. The words of Christ tell us all things we must do, and the Holy ghost shows us all things we must do. Everything we receive by the Holy Ghost is the words of Christ, for he testifies of Christ. My main thought to narrow it down and discuss healing is that our personal revelation is the words of Christ, and we are to feast on it.

How does it look to feast on personal revelation?

To me that looks like we are seeking for it continually. Nephi goes on right after to discuss prayer, because the "inhabitants of the earth" still don't get what he means. We are taught to pray, to receive answers to our questions, which is direction from God, revelation, The words of Christ. Then once we receive it, we keep it in our hearts, minds and souls. Continuing to repeat the words and to show faith in what has been given to us. And ACTING on what has been given, Nephi tells us that the words of Christ will tell us all things we should do, and the Holy Ghost will show us all things we should do.

I liken it to Priesthood blessings as well. The words spoken, when done in integrity of following the Spirit, are the words of Christ to and for us personally.

Nephi also goes on to say, as he ends his book and prepares to pass it to his brother Jacob, "And if ye shall cbelieve in Christ ye will believe in these dwords, for they are the ewords of Christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they fteach all men that they should do good."

The scriptures are the Words of Christ because they are given by Christ and through the Holy Ghost. Anything given through the power of the Holy Ghost is of Christ, and are His words.

If we can feast on ALL things of and by the Spirit, how much greater our faith will be, how much quicker we will heal by that faith and knowing what it is we are to do in all things.

We tend to limit things, and not only is it limiting ourselves, but it puts limits on God, and we don't allow Him to be God in our life.

If we can allow Him to be who he is, then by His word and power and our faith, all things will be healed and all of our infirmities will be now more.

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